Tracey Wallace

"I’ve been following Tracey Wallace since her Mashable days, and I’ve always admired Wallace’s ability to curate the perfect snapshot of Millennial behaviors. If you want to see how today’s generation perceives culture and the world, pay attention to Tracey Wallace."


"These edits are great! My only regret is that she won't be putting her name on it. She added so much value!"

- Paul Rogers

"That's what I call a COMPREHENSIVE guide! 
Thank you guys, really appreciate the efforts you've put into creating these posts."

- Eugene Lemeshov

"This is the most authoritative guide to selling on Amazon I've ever seen. Nice work putting this together!"

- William Harris

"There are so many great facts and statistics in this article! Great post!"

- Julie Schlimm

"Tracey's creativity and continuing pursuit of knowledge in multiple realms makes her an invaluable asset to any team. She is a joy to work with, unfailingly pleasant and professional at all times."

- Thrupthi Reddy

"Working with Tracey Wallace on a marketing team was like having access to a secret weapon every single day that never missed its target."

- Samantha Meckler

"She is, in my opinion, the best writer in the ecommerce industry - hands down."

- Brent Bellm

"Huge props to Tracey Wallace for this amazing guide. Entrepreneurs are often forced to independently seek out all the info they need, but pretty much everything is right here."

- Nigel Stevens

"My journey as an e-commerce writer would not be the same without having Tracey guiding me through the process."

- Kenny Kane

"Tracey is the rare creative who always has ideas and energy, and also executes on deadline with no problem."

- Lara Hendrickson




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